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Add a block

Using blocks in Reflex allows you to extract and group components into smaller re-usable chunks.

To move the hero we created into a block, start by adding a new block under /content/blocks/hero.mdx and move the hero there.

<Section p="4">
<Grid col="1fr 250px" gap="8" alignItems="center">
<H1 my="0" fontSize="4xl">
Welcome to my site
<P mt="4">This is the a short description for the page</P>
<Image src="placeholder.jpg" />

You can now use the new block on the about.mdx page using the Block component.

title: Welcome to Reflex
excerpt: Description for this page. This is mostly used for the description meta tag.
<Block src="hero" />

When adding a block to a page, you can omit the /content/blocks path prefix. Reflex will automatically resolve the block using the block name.

Blocks can also be nested in sub-directories and used as follows:

<Block src="about/contact" /> will display the block found at /content/blocks/about/contact.

└── content
└── blocks
└── about
└── contact.mdx
Style the heroDynamic Blocks

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